It’s okay to be sad.

January 28, 2010

It really is okay to be sad.There’s no reason to wear a goofy smiley face to convince the world that you are just fine.You need to give this a chance to sink in and to become real to you .That may take a day or a weekend or even a week.Right now,the only person that matters is you.If you keep what youre feeling bottled up inside,you will not be able to start your healing process..So let it out,and dont be afraid to feel.

Pull your knees into your chest and wrap your arms around them tightly to keep you from falling apart.Then slowly let them go.You will find that with your feet spread out infront of you,with your limbs free and flowing ,you are still whole.

This part of the acceptance,the realization that this relationship has come to an end–and miraculously,you are still alive.

The goofy smiley face,however is NOT optional if by chance you run into your ex.Then a smiley face becomes essential in order to reinforce the fact that you are fine WITHOUT HIM.


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